Top Tips for Finding a Camp site

Even if you have a quality sleep system and tent, you won’t find quality sleep in a low-quality camping site. You may find it hard to be comfortable on a hard-packed site to relax in a highly windy campsite. Hence, it is essential to know how to choose a good campsite when you go out camping for a smooth night. Here are the top tips for finding an appropriate camping site.

· Close to a water source

Water is a vital part of camping. You will need it for washing, cooking, drinking and so on. Choose a camping spot that is close to a water source but not very close. It should be at least sixty meters away from the freshwater source.

· If possible, on higher ground.

Due to the risk of flash floods, you should avoid camping on low-lying ground. Camping some meters above the water level will ensure you won’t wake up in floods. Another benefit is that higher grounds experience more breeze, which helps keep the mosquitoes away while also enhancing the airflow in your tent.

· Somewhere smooth and flat

While you can opt for high grounds for the spectacular views they offer, you don’t want to find yourself sliding downhill as you sleep. Therefore, you should ensure the campsite is flat and smooth. Flat grounds will also make cooking easier. Before pitching your tent, eliminate any sharp and spiky lumps or objects like sticks, stones, and pine cones.

· Find a shelter

When the sunlight rays hit your tent, it will begin to turn into a sauna. Trees offer a hospitable shade and also protect you from the wind. So, unless you want to feel the windy climate or sleep in a sauna, you should consider camping under some trees.


Finding the right camping spot can So, break or make your trip. With these few recommendations, you can find a perfect place to spend your night and proceed with your adventure smoothly. Also, consider planning ahead of time on the distance you can trek in a day and the most appropriate campsite for you.